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Why online therapy?  Because there is a Need

How do I know?  Well, I’ve worked online with people over a number of years and in those years the technology has become more readily available and clients are choosing this option.

There are a number of very tangible benefits for clients:

  • Flexibility and Convenience – you might be a morning person with a need to ‘work’ at the kitchen table or a designated study area.  Or, it’s important to feel comfortable and sitting or lying on furniture where you feel relaxed. Working online puts you in control of these decisions.  We can have a discussion about what works best for you and build it into our session. 

  • Travel Hassle – no more having to cancel because a meeting ran over and didn’t leave you enough time to travel to my office.  Or, you have been putting off even starting therapy because your chosen therapist lives miles away or even in another country.  Online therapy takes care of that.
  • Access to Resources – I already provide a number of downloadable resources for anyone to look at and use but as I tailor each session to the needs of the individual, I often want to share information, offer helpful reminders or set a bit of homework.  I can do that very quickly when I’m working online and that ultimately benefits you as a client.
  • The Power of the Screen – for some people having a bit of distance between you and the therapist is very empowering and having a screen between us can help even more.  It can be less intimidating just because you are not in the same room. Talking without seeing the therapist can help some clients open up and talk about things they might steer away from if they sitting right across from the therapist. 
  • Your needs are my priority – I remember when I started out almost 20 years ago. I lived right next to Richmond Park in London. I started Walk the Talk sessions with a client who had very little time and wanted to get some fresh air. I was astonished at how the rhythm of walking encouraged more in depth conversations.  We didn’t look at each other as we walked and both my client and I, were absolutely certain it helped her be more open and honest with herself about how she was dealing with her emotions. What a brilliant bit of learning so early on in my career. I bring that knowledge and expertise into the therapy room and into my online sessions.  

There are others and we might explore what they are for our relationship as we work.  However, it’s worth looking at difficulties that can sometimes arise so we are better prepared for working through them.

Evaluate | transform | grow

Technological Issues and Difficulties

  • Fear – This is often the case if you are of a slightly older generation or you your work doesn’t require you to use technology.  I understand. Been there, worn the tee-shirt! It really doesn’t take too much time to learn what to do and how to do it. I build a discussion around this into our free consultation so we can iron out these difficulties from the start.  I can share links and helpful videos to get you started with zoom and we’ll take it from there. 
  • Internet Connections – It isn’t unusual for connections to fail.  Again, please don’t worry. I will never leave you hanging.  I’ll include specific instructions on what to do if we are disconnected during our session.  You see, experience means I’ve probably already had these problems, thought about them and come up with potential solutions.  You will be in good hands!

Evaluate | transform | grow

What to Expect

Let me take you through a typical online session with me as your therapist.  I’ll assume you called or a free consultation and decided to book a session with me.

  • Booking Your Session If we didn’t agree the date and time of our session during our free call you can go to my BOOKING page and to find the session you want to book and the days and times I am free to work with you.  (I always have a bit of flexibility so if you don’t see a day or time that works for you here, send me a message with your suggestion and I’ll do my best to work something out for you). I’ll see your booking request and confirm by text or email.

  • Online Payment All sessions are paid for online via my Stripe account.  You just need your credit or debit card details. It’s really easy to use and perfectly secure.  At no time do I have access to your bank details.  I take payment each time you book a session but if you do have to cancel you can do so up to 24 hours before free of charge.  After this I will take a 50% cancellation fee before I refund you as quickly as I can. This usually happens within 48 hours of cancellation.
  • Zoom Invite – booking via my site generates an invite just for you.  This will include all the information you need to sign on at the time we agreed.  I have a waiting area on the zoom site. This means I will know you are waiting for me but, say you arrive slightly before your time and I’m still working with someone or in another meeting, you won’t interrupt me and I can finish up and get to you without disruption.  This works in your favour as it means you won’t have your session interrupted if I have another meeting scheduled straight after I finish working with you.  

    Just to assure you, I do leave time between meetings, not just for this reason, because it helps me clear my mind and prepare myself fully for whatever I am doing and whoever I am talking to next.  I want to bring my best self to everyone I work with.

  • During the Session – we will check in with each and make sure we can hear each other and we are in the physical space that will work best for us that day before we start the session.  Then comes our ‘work’ time. This can take a number of forms and might involve a question and answer session as we explore your goals for instance; or we could go through a technique designed to help you overcome a thought process or behaviour.  All of this is more or less the same as we would do in a face-to-face in person session. There really is very little difference. People often wonder about the ‘hypno’ bit. Can I ask you to have a look at the short video narrated by Trevor Sylvester from The Quest Institute.  It really helps explain what I mean by Cognitive Hypnotherapy. I usually use a relaxation and word weaving element at the end of my session with you because it helps our unconscious mind creating links towards future thinking and action.


  • Finishing the Session –we finish up with a short discussion and an agreement about – what next.  This could be booking a further session – a bit of time to consolidate any changes – suggestions around on going tasks etc. Everything goes at your pace so you are always in control.

  • What next – It would be lovely if you felt able to write a sentence or two about your experience of working with me and I would also love to know how you get on making the changes or overcoming the difficulties we have worked on together.  It really makes my day when I hear back from clients. It could also be a great help to potential clients who are still feeling apprehensive. A few words might encourage someone who could really benefit – just like you!


As always, if there is anything you don’t understand please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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