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Therapeutic Coaching

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Coaching has recently become a very popular way for people to identify and develop skills leading towards success but what is it?

Therapeutic coaching can help individuals develop greater self-awareness, overcome personal challenges, and reach personal goals. Therapeutic coaching involves an individual working one-on-one with a coach to identify and explore underlying issues that are contributing to the individual’s current struggles and growth opportunities. Through this process, individuals can identify the root causes of their patterns of behavior, develop new ways of thinking, and create meaningful change in their lives. With therapeutic coaching, individuals can gain insight into their motivations and thought processes, develop healthier coping strategies, and become better equipped to handle the challenges of life. Additionally, therapeutic coaching can help individuals create meaningful goals, develop action plans to reach those goals, and create a more positive outlook.

Benefits for you 

  • Develop more successful or fulfilling relationships
  • Be a more effective and successful employee,  manager or leader
  • Prepare you to take a new career path or the next step in your work life
  • Create a better work-life balance
  • Align your values and your goals
  • Plan for change
  • Set goals
  • Understand what makes you happy and how to go for it
  • Unleash your creativity
  • Visualise the future you
  • Unlock potential
  • Recognise what motivates you and others
  • Learn how to trust your instincts
  • Develop resilience in challenging circumstances 

Evaluate | transform | grow

How Cognitive Coaching Helps

     These are just a few examples of how coaching might help you.   As a coach I will be your sounding board, guide, partner, advocate and champion because it’s all about you. What is really exciting for me is that I can offer you all of this because I am a professionally trained coach.  But even better, I can bring lots of past experience of being a boss and manager, team leader, trainer, facilitator, educator, creative thinker, freelance management consultant and business owner to compliment and enhance my Coaching, NLP and QCH therapy training.  Add that to over 30 years of Coaching and Mentoring experience for a pretty comprehensive offer. I want to help you grow by showing you the bigger picture or helping you drill down to the detail when needed.  We’ll look at gaining meaningful insight into the way you do things, how you think and where you could enhance what you already have or where you might need to create change. You will hone your intuition to create a strong belief in your attitudes, values and competencies.  You will come out of coaching stronger and better prepared for whatever future you choose.  

Evaluate | transform | grow

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