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As you can see from my How I Can Help page, I offer a number of hypnotherapy services designed to help individuals in a number of ways. I offer these both online and in-person, but, especially with the current, unprecedented problems our society is facing, I am moving my services to a more online method of therapy to complement my traditional methods.

Luckily, booking online has never been easier. You can view my schedule below, book and use a secure payment all without leaving the page. To simplify the process further, you also have the option to download the 10 to 8 booking software to your device, meaning that booking your sessions will be more convenient than ever.

For our online sessions, we will be using the industry-leading video conferencing services from Zoom, ensuring that our connection will be of the highest quality for our important consultations.

If you are ready to book now then don’t hesitate to go to the service you want and find my next available slot to suit you.  Or, if you prefer to talk or have further question, take advantage of a free consultation by booking online OR by using the contact form OR by calling:

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I reached out to Liz in a bid to establish certain behaviours/habits that would allow me to pursue a long-held ambition to turn a hobby into a viable business – overcoming various concerns and self-imposed barriers. Her support and advice was targeted and bespoke, and it has certainly given me the confidence I needed to move ahead and put measures in place.

Liz also supported my wife ahead of the birth of our second child. Having had a traumatic first experience she was understandably quite anxious, and yet found herself surprisingly calm when push (excuse the pun) came to shove!



Working with Liz was a really invaluable experience and the best preparation for birth we could have invested in. The surprising thing was how much we gained personally from the experience in ways beyond just birth. My husband and I felt really empowered by the skills we developed and the insights we gained into ourselves and each other. Many of the concepts and techniques we learned have gone on to be beneficial in parenting and everyday life. The experience was so genuinely personal, warm and caring, we really felt a great sense of nurturing from Liz and her approach. She is really genuinely interested in helping you through this huge life changing experience!

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