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Liz McConnell

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This is Liz McConnell’s website for Thinking Room, and this is a bit of information about her.  She is an experienced one to one and group therapist, transformational coach, creative workshop facilitator and motivated workplace well-being strategist.  Want to know more?  Pop over to here. 

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Professional Hypnotherapy Treatments

I bring my own experience in management and self employment over many years to my role as a therapist.  My work with various charities saw me work alongside people of all ages dealing with difficult circumstances usually through no fault of their own. These people were addicts, single parents, families in conflict, people living with HIV and AIDS, physical and mental health issues, offenders, victims of crime and carers .  I discovered just how many pressures can build up because of one mistake, a small health issue, a row at home, loss of a job, lack of opportunity, poorly delivered services etc. It’s a big driver in wanting to find ways to help people gain understanding, take control and help themselves in powerful and positive ways.

Working in schools, colleges and university helped my understand the talents and sheer persistence many of our young people possess but how fragile the bridges they have to construct and cross to progress. Various family issues and difficulties give me some insight and understanding into lots of client problems and I have my own experiences which initially drew me to look for information, insight, understanding and finally resilience, management and change where appropriate.


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QCH Therapy and HPD Certified 

I trained with Quest Institute because they provided an actual accredited and verified course in both Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP, plus modules specifically related to learning, coaching, presenting etc. They were hot on research, and they were keen to acknowledge and teach techniques and models from across the therapy cannon.  They built on the ethos that no one way is right for everyone.  Our job is to find the way that works and makes the difference for that one person.

I benefit from the breadth and depth of training they provided then and now as well as being able to tap into the hive mind of those practicing Cognitive Hypnotherapy all over the world.  They provide much of my CPD throughout the year as well as both formal and informal supervision to help me help my clients in the quickest and most effective way.  

I love my eclectic portfolio as my day to day work deals with people of all ages and backgrounds. Some know exactly what they want.  Some are trying to figure it out.  For some it turns out to be something completely different. And that’s OK. I maintain a strong link to the business world through transformationa and theraputic coaching for business leaders and owners and by developing and running  information and  training workshops, coaching new managers, supporting employees or developing well being strategies for small companies.

Online therapy and coaching are really great options and have opened opportunities I haven’t pursued before including podcasts and much more networking. But, I still love working face to face and regularly do so from my office in Langold.

Want to know more?  I’m so looking forward to hearing from you.  




I reached out to Liz in a bid to establish certain behaviours/habits that would allow me to pursue a long-held ambition to turn a hobby into a viable business – overcoming various concerns and self-imposed barriers. Her support and advice was targeted and bespoke, and it has certainly given me the confidence I needed to move ahead and put measures in place.

Liz also supported my wife ahead of the birth of our second child. Having had a traumatic first experience she was understandably quite anxious, and yet found herself surprisingly calm when push (excuse the pun) came to shove!



Working with Liz was a really invaluable experience and the best preparation for birth we could have invested in. The surprising thing was how much we gained personally from the experience in ways beyond just birth. My husband and I felt really empowered by the skills we developed and the insights we gained into ourselves and each other. Many of the concepts and techniques we learned have gone on to be beneficial in parenting and everyday life. The experience was so genuinely personal, warm and caring, we really felt a great sense of nurturing from Liz and her approach. She is really genuinely interested in helping you through this huge life changing experience!

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