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  Hello, it’s Liz McConnell here from Thinking Room.  Thinking Room provides a safe, confidential time and space for people to explore the stuff that is causing problems and issues in their life. If you feel stuck you might need to unblock unhelpful thoughts and behaviours.  Or, work on confidence and self-esteem by empowering yourself to connect more with the emotional side of your work or home life.  Many people need to deal with stress, anxiety and overwhelm if they want to be a better partner, parent, team player, manager or business owner.  And don’t be fooled, these issues can manifest in many ways, not just in your thoughts and actions but in both minor and major health concerns physically and mentally.   


As an experienced and qualified QCH Therapist and therapeutic Coach, I work with ordinary and extraordinary people dealing with all sorts of issues and problems every day.  Sometimes they know what the problem is but often they can’t quite put their finger on it.  Something just isn’t right.  They can often live with that knowledge for a long time but one day they realise it isn’t going to go away by itself or it’s not just affecting them anymore.  


Whatever the reason and whatever the cause, if you get to this point, it is probably the time to do something about it.   


I work in person from my current base in Stirling, Scotland and online.  Is it time to get in touch?


We can work together through live video via Skype and Zoom. These are both really easy to set up and let me work with individuals and small groups with access to the internet.

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Online Therapy

Over the years people have become more receptive to online therapy.  With the current Coronavirus outbreak we are left with little choice and I am grateful that I have many years experience working this way.  The benefits can be enormous and you might be curious about how it could benefit you.

Cognitive Therapies

I combine a range of therapies to find the best solution for your problem in the shortest time.

Cognitive therapies deal with emotions, thoughts and behaviours and my job is to help you make the changes to help you make a difference for your future.

Workplace Wellbeing

Being a sole entrepreneur or running a small business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about the wellbeing of you or your staff.  It’s all about scale and perspective. Feeling out of your depth isn’t an excuse to ignore it. I can work with you to ensure you and your employees are maximising their potential. 


Coaching is a great way to work on specific goals in your life.

Thinking Room can help you identify your goals through structured conversations, priorities time and effort towards them, align your values to make sure you are doing what you really want to be doing and support you all the way.


This is all about education and learning opportunities.  Covering subjects that directly impact on you managing your mental health, improving your relationships or skills to help you grow your career or business.  Small groups, a chance to interact with the trainer and lots of helpful resources make these accessible and enjoyable too. 


In the age of information, there are an incredible amount of resources available to us that previous generations didn’t have access to.

These can range from scientific studies to self-help books. I have a number of helpful resources for download, both for free and payable online.

Online Hypnotherapy

Online communications for all forms of treatments are becoming evermore popular, as people become more comfortable with this form of communication in the digital age. Studies show that online therapy is an effective method to utilise, and the growing boom of online therapy treatment reflects this within the industry.

You can book a consultation with me online from my booking form.




I reached out to Liz in a bid to establish certain behaviours/habits that would allow me to pursue a long-held ambition to turn a hobby into a viable business – overcoming various concerns and self-imposed barriers. Her support and advice was targeted and bespoke, and it has certainly given me the confidence I needed to move ahead and put measures in place.

Liz also supported my wife ahead of the birth of our second child. Having had a traumatic first experience she was understandably quite anxious, and yet found herself surprisingly calm when push (excuse the pun) came to shove!



Working with Liz was a really invaluable experience and the best preparation for birth we could have invested in. The surprising thing was how much we gained personally from the experience in ways beyond just birth. My husband and I felt really empowered by the skills we developed and the insights we gained into ourselves and each other. Many of the concepts and techniques we learned have gone on to be beneficial in parenting and everyday life. The experience was so genuinely personal, warm and caring, we really felt a great sense of nurturing from Liz and her approach. She is really genuinely interested in helping you through this huge life changing experience!


Simply here to collate stuff I feel might be interesting, informative or I have a burning need to share.  I’m hoping it will evolve over time and become a useful resource in it’s own right with a mix or articles, helpful tips, random thoughts on current topics and much more.  If I do my job properly I also hope it becomes an interactive space where you can talk to me by commenting on what you find and even talking to each other. Perhaps you’ll share stories or support each other’s comments.  In that spirit I’d also like to hear from you if you have any ideas about topics I might cover or support I can offer through these posts.

Let’s start a conversation!

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